The most obvious feature of a visit to Cape Town is Table Mountain. The mountain is appropriately named as it looks like a large flat table that rises above the ocean floor. Here is a look at Table Mountain from the waterfront in Cape Town. Note the clouds spilling over the top. This is known by the locals as the table cloth and is due to warmer air blowing off of the Indian Ocean hitting the cold air at the top of the mountain and blowing off of the Atlantic Ocean on this side of the mountain.

Visitors are encouraged to visit the top of Table Mountain when the table cloth is gone and the winds are low as these are relatively rare occurrences. It so happens that 10.18.08 was just such a day with the temperature in the low 80s and almost no wind or clouds.

How does one get up a 3000 foot climb? Either by foot, or with a Visa car(d):

The cable car has a rotating floor as you ascend the mountain allowing for 360 deg. views. The ride is spectacular, and so are the sights when you get to the top. Pictures can speak a thousand words, but don’t begin to do justice to just how beautiful it is on top of Table Mountain looking at the Atlantic Ocean:

the Indian Ocean:

towards the Cape of Good Hope / Cape Point:

towards Signal Hill:

and towards Robbin Island in the Atlantic Ocean.

Robbin Island is where Nelson Mandela and other political prisoners were held for decades during the 1960s – 80s. Seeing the beauty of Cape Town and Table Mountain, I can only imagine the pain of knowing that you are less than half a mile but worlds away from all that is beautiful and bright.


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