SA Matric Rates Released

January 8, 2010

News of the week. The matric rates for SA were released this week. After much anticipation…much disappointment.

Matric rates have fallen for the sixth year in a row to 60.6%. The DA pointed out that the national pass rate has actually dropped by over 10% since 2004.

Here is a report from The Witness leading up to the matric results entitled “South Africa Damned By Its Schools.” It should be noted that KwaZulu Natal was the only province where the matric rate increased by 3.5%.

Even more troubling for the sciences, “The number of pupils that received a 30 percent mark or higher for physical science plunged to 36.8 percent last year from 54.9 percent in 2008, the ministry said in a report. The figure for mathematics was little changed at 46 percent.” (from Business Week article). Here are the results for university bound students from the same article, “Of the 551,940 final-year secondary school students who wrote exams last year, 19.8 percent achieved a mark high enough to enter university or college, the ministry said today. That’s only a slight improvement from 19.4 percent in 2008.”

A “national disgrace.

Here are the comments of President Jacob Zuma and here are those of the Minister of Education, Mrs. Angie Motshekga, MP. Most unhappy, indeed.

To put this further in context. The pass rate is actually a 33% on the matric exams.