Primate Invasion

January 26, 2009

In October I made the fateful decision to question the veracity of whether there were monkeys in Pietermartizburg. We baited the monkeys with a few bananas strategically located in the Passaro’s back yard and then armed the camera ready for close up pictures of wildlife. Four hours later, nothing. Two days later, nothing. Since our arrival, nothing. At night we think that we hear monkeys, but this monkey business is getting old.

Then today…a direct assault by a monkey commando squad (actually vervet monkeys) and their three babies seeking to scorn my disbelief in our backyard. See for yourself.

Three hours later the monkeys and dogs are still barking!


2 Responses to “Primate Invasion”

  1. Anneliese Says:

    Brian- I am enjoying the updates on the Augustine family blogs. I got a giggle or two from the monkey video here in work. Brilliant! I also read the other update, describing the two South Africas. You are very right. Many people in this country could never imagine the poverty in SA or the conditions in which families are forced to live. Ironically, those South Africans cannot imagine poverty in America, of all places. Seeing Africa up close and personal is what people in today’s America is in need of. We live in a fast paced society of want and greed, cars, credit cards, etc. I could go on and on, but it would be preaching to the choir. Stay safe and keep writing. We miss you guys!
    Anneliese & the Harmon Clan

  2. Kylie Says:

    That’s pretty cool that they finally showed themselves. Now are you wishing they didn’t? They are pretty loud. Much different from what we see and hear at the zoo.

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